Technique Tuesdays - 25th June - Leo Brouwer Etude 1

Welcome to the first instalment of Technique Tuesdays, a series focusing on classical guitar technique. I'm planning on focusing on various sets of etudes for the coming weeks, unless viewers and readers have other suggestions or requests for topics to be covered, and I'll be addressing various techniques as they arise in each etude.

The first set of etudes we'll be looking at is Leo Brouwer's Etudes Simples, a set of twenty moderate to advanced studies. Each study addresses a combination of technical and musical challenges in a very musical way, using a more modern harmonic language than students might be used to, especially if they've worked on the standards, such as Carcassi or Aguado. I find they're a great way of introducing students to more 20th century sounds and of fostering an interest in the classical guitar with electric guitar students. 

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Need writing done?


My wonderfully talented girlfriend wrote this blog post about me. She also wrote everything you see featured on my website. If any of you musicians (or people in other fields!) need writing done you should definitely hit her up, I can't stress the importance of having well-written bios and advertisements.

Toru Takemitsu - All in Twilight

Playing Tōru Takemitsu’s All in Twilight at my recent recital in the Lamont School of Music’s Hamilton Recital Hall.

This piece was inspired by Paul Klee’s painting of the same name and explores the shades and colours present in the painting. The listener can easily immerse themselves within the sound world of the work and experience the sense of twilight that is evoked throughout.

Definitely a favourite of mine to perform!